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Lesson 8

Java Graphics fundamentals Conclusion

This module explored the fundamentals of graphics and how they are used in Java. You began the module by becoming acquainted with the Java AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit) and, more specifically, the Graphics class. You learned how to use the Graphics class to draw graphics primitives and text.
You also were introduced to images and how they fit into Java applets. You wrapped up the module by building a slide show applet that demonstrated how to load and draw images.

Java Graphics Glossary Terms

This module discussed how the following terms relate to Java:
  1. Abtract Windowing Toolkit (AWT): The Abstract Windowing Toolkit is a section of the Java API that supports basic windowing and GUI features.
  2. Graphics class: The Graphics class represents an abstract drawing surface called a graphics context, and is logically equivalent to a piece of paper. Java uses graphics contexts to help abstract the drawing process, which allows you to use the same drawing code to draw to different graphical devices such as monitors and printers.
  3. Graphics context: A graphics context is an abstract drawing surface that is logically equivalent to a piece of paper.
  4. Graphics primitives: Graphics primitives are basic geometric shapes such as lines, rectangles, squares, ovals, circles, polygons, and arcs.
  5. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG): JPEG is an image format that provides a highly efficient means of storing photographic images; JPEG image files typically have a .jpg or .jpeg file extension.
  6. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF): GIF is an image format that is useful for storing non-photographic images such as illustrations and diagrams; GIF image files typically have a .gif file extension.

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