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Lesson 2 Installing the JavaBeans Development Kit (BDK)
Objective Install the JavaBeans Development Kit (BDK).

Installing the JavaBeans Development Kit (BDK)

JavaBeans technology is the component architecture for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). JavaBeans components (beans) are reusable software programs that you can develop and assemble easily to create sophisticated applications. JavaBeans technology is based on the JavaBeans specification.
JavaBeans components or beans are reusable software components that follow simple naming and design conventions so they present a standard interface to other beans, programs, and tools.
The installation of the JavaBeans Development Kit involves the following.
The JavaBeans Development Kit (BDK) downloads into a single file.
You will need to execute the kit (in Windows) or unpack (in Unix) this file in order to install the complete BDK.
Unlike the Java Development Kit (JDK), none of the BDK components are optional, so the installation is very simple. Select the platform you are using to install the BDK:
  1. BDK Installation on Windows
  2. BDK Installation on Linux/Unix/Solaris

If you have not already, you can download the JavaBeans Development Kit (BDK) from Oracle.

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In the next lesson, the BDK (Bean Development Kit) will be introduced.
Developing Java Beans

Javabeans Components

Parts are independent components of programming that can be controlled progressively and collected to shape applications and these parts should likewise interoperate as indicated by a set of rules. They should act in manners that are normal. The parts bring usefulness, while the climate brings design and request. JavaBeans is Java's part model and permits clients to build applications by sorting parts out either automatically or outwardly (or both). Backing of visual writing computer programs is principal to the part model and makes part based programming improvement genuinely strong. The model is comprised of a design and an API and these components give a construction by which parts can be joined to make an application. This climate offers types of assistance and rules, the structure that permits parts to appropriately take an interest. This implies that parts are given the apparatuses important to work in the climate, and they show specific ways of behaving that recognize them thusly. One vital part of this construction is control and compartment gives a setting in what parts can connect. A typical model would be a board that gives design the executives or intervention of collaborations for visual parts. Obviously, holders themselves can be parts. In the following illustration, you find out about Bean strategies.

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Developing Java Beans