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Lesson 1

Java Object-Oriented Programming

This course and the following modules discuss the Java language in the context of object oriented programming.

Course goals

This advanced course is designed to teach programmers with at least some experience with Java how to take advantage of Java's multitasking and networking features.
You will learn how to:
  1. Use advanced object-oriented features such as interfaces and packages
  2. Throw and catch exceptions
  3. Write multitasking programs
  4. Take advantage of the and packages

Inheritance with classes

When we discuss inheritance in the context of an object-oriented programming language such as Java, we talk about how a class can inherit the properties and behavior of another class. The class that inherits from another class can also define additional properties and behaviors. The Java Certification exam will ask you explicit questions about the need to inherit classes and how to implement inheritance using classes. Let us get started with the need to inherit classes.

JavaDeploy series

The Introduction to Java Series begins with an introductory course, continues with a course on building graphical user interfaces, and culminates with additional courses on this website.

This series is intended to:
  1. Introduce students to the benefits and liabilities of designing in Java
  2. Lead programmers toward a mastery of the Java language

As a student progressing through this sequence, you will develop programs ranging from simple, character-mode applications to full-fledged, interactive applets that run directly on the World Wide Web.