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Lesson 1

Enterprise Java Beans Architecture and Session Beans

This course is the first of two courses in the Enterprise JavaBeans Series. This course explores two topics:
  1. The architecture of Enterprise JavaBeans
  2. Session Beans
I will be explaining J2EE architecture for the duration of this course.
EJB Architecture includes
  1. distributed programming concepts,
  2. servers,
  3. containers,
  4. Session Beans,
  5. Entity Beans, and
  6. Transactions.

Following the architectural introduction, the course will teach you about Session Beans in detail.
In additioin to learning the technology, you will be implementing a course project which involves writing a program with a
  1. Session Bean client and
  2. multiple remote Session Beans.
This exercise will reinforce the concepts covered in the course.
Java EE Eclipse

Course goals

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  1. Describe the architecture of Enterprise JavaBeans
  2. Program a Session Bean client
  3. Deploy a Session Bean
  4. Write a Session Bean and its supporting interfaces
  5. Create an application by combining multiple session beans together

How you will learn

In this course, you will learn and practice EJB skills using interactive technologies.

Enterprise JavaBeans Series

Enterprise JavaBeans: EJB Architecture and Session Beans is the first of two courses in the
Enterprise JavaBeans Series.

In the next lesson, we will examine the course prerequisites.