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Java Boolean Operators

AND, OR, Negation, Equal-to, Not Equal-to

1) AND: Compares two values and returns true if they are both true

2) OR: Compares two values and returns true if either of the values are true

3) Negation: Flips the state of a value

4) Equal-to: Compares two values for equality

5) Not-equal-to (!=): Compares two values for inequality

Given the following Class:
class BooleanTest1 {
 public static void main(String[] args) {
  boolean b1 = false;
  int i1 = 2;
  int i2 = 3;
  if (b1 = i1 == i2) {
  else {

Select 1 option
  1. Compile time error.
  2. It will print true
  3. It will print false
  4. Runtime error.
  5. It will print nothing.

Answer: c
All an if statement needs is a boolean. Now i1 == i2 returns false which is a boolean and since b1 = false is an expression and every expression has a return value (which is actually the Left Hand Side of the expression), it returns false which is again a boolean. Therefore, in this case, the else condition will be executed.