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ASP Five Object Model

This section describes the intrinsic COM objects (ASP built-in objects) that are available to ASP pages. Using ASP built-in objects, you can access to information regarding the Web server,
  1. the client who is accessing a Web page,
  2. the Web application that contains the Web page, and
  3. the fields in the HTTP request and response streams.
The ASP built-in objects are organized by the type of information they contain.
The information in ASP built-in objects can also be obtained in a COM component or an ISAPI application. The following table lists the technologies from which ASP built-in objects can be accessed and how to access them.

The request object, this is used to receive data from the client's browser and computer, including cookies, files, and HTML forms. It provides a way for the server to store and retrieve the received data.

Response object is used to send data or HTML code from directories or memory locations on the server back to the client browser and computer, including cookies and Web pages containing the results of ASP scripts.

The session object is used to store data and create a work area for each user who visits and navigates around the web site. It provides the continuity (state) that is lost in static HTML pages when a user moves from one HTML page to another and can initiate special routines or display special pages when a user first arrives at the site and exits from the site.

Application object is used to allow more than one user at a time to run a web application, which can be a separate program linked to the Web pages or the Web pages and ASP scripts themselves. Without this, one user would be setting and resetting counters and calculations that were in use by another user. An important consideration in an online store Web site.

The server object, this is used to contain and send information about the web server itself, perform cleanup of user information no longer needed, and create and terminate input/output connection to user files and other applications like database records that cannot or should not be shared among multiple users.